Minnie Mouse

7 12 2010

The redesigning of Minnie Mouse for a more adolescent audience can shed some light on what values Forever 21 is trying express. The original Minnie was short and wore plain dress, the use of bright colors suggest that Minnie was intended for a young audience. The redesigned Minnie is tall, Skinny and in pale color tone. The changes made to Minnie suggest a stronger focus on fashion, especially because her body size reflects that of a super model.

Blog Post 7: Claims and Supports

4 11 2010

What are adultolescents?

Adultolescents are young adults who, after graduating from college, decide you move back home with there parents. Usually there reasons for doing so are because of financial reasons due to a shrinking and more competitive job market.

Do they exist?

Unfortunately they do. The article interviews multiple grad students about moving back home with there parents. I moved out when I was 18 thinking it was a great idea. After 4 years I realized that my friends staying at home with there parents where doing a better job of managing a job and going to school full time then I was.

What has caused this situation?

The fifth and sixth paragraphs in the article explain some of the causes of this phenomenon. On the one hand, the parents seem to be enabling there grown up children by encouraging them to move back home so they can help them out. Parents have recently been heavily involved in there children’s college decisions and career choices. There children are so used to being guided at every step that they have no motivation to be independent. On the other hand, due to a shrinking job market, and the fact that to get most jobs these days one has to go to grad school makes it harder financially for these young adults to become independent right after college.

Do you think it is a good or bad situation?

It is a good situation if you move back in with a purpose and a goal on how to move out again. Those goals should be to finish grad school, or land a well paying job in your field. It obviously can become a bad situation if these young adults lose the motivation to be self dependent.

What should be done about it?

First off, parents should only try to create stipulations if there children want to move back home. These stipulations should be that they make a plan like I mentioned above. The other side of the problem is the shrinking job market. After hearing political pundits and politicians argue about this for months, I don’t think anyone knows how to deal with that problem any time soon.


prompt 6

26 10 2010


To begin with, the website that contains this blog post on Affirmative action is designed to help students search for Colleges and universities. The author is listed, but no more information is there, but since it is a college blog, it is not that hard to assume it belongs to a college student. Despite the fact that the post contains some basic statistics, there is no citations, no no way to prove if it is valid. Overall, this article seems more based on opinion instead of fact, which does not make it a valid source.


This source to begin with belongs to a websites which purpose is to help inform people about prejudices. The author is listed and while there is no contact information, the source is a reprint from a book  with the title listed in the beginning. In addition to the book being listed, there is a wealth of information in the article that is all cited with references that is listed at the end. The article also gives both sides of the argument on affirmative action so there is no obvious bias in the article. This would be a valid source to use for research.


First off, the concept of nano robots being used for medical attention is clearly science fiction. The site that the article is from has a disclaimer that it does not support any claims made on the site. There is another article about pregnant men, and common sense should kick in by this point telling you the site is a hoax. This is as far from a valid source as one can find.


The article is from the center for disease control(CDC) which is a government organization. This helps give it some credibility, as well as define its purpose as informational. There is no individual author, but all the information given is cited with graphs and charts to support them as well. There is strictly facts contained on this article so it would be a valid source.

Pregnant women can drink safely in moderation

The site this article is found on is called AIM or Alcohol In Moderation. This already shows that there is a biases for drinking alcohol. The claims in the article describe a study, but give no web links. The overall appearance of the site looks out of date, and the reference for the research says its from 1998. This source would not be recommended for use.

Essay 2 Source

The article I used for the second essay was from a online news source called the Sofia News Agency. The Sofia news agency is a Bulgarian based news source that prints in English. My essay was about the treatment of Roma in europe, and Bulgaria has the second largest concentration of the ethnic group in europe. This would give the source a more intimate knowledge on the issue. The author is a regular writer for the news group. There was no obvious bias in the article, and there were citations and references to the statistical data used. The source overall gave valid information to use for research for the third essay.

Prompt:5 dissecting the debate

19 10 2010

The debate topic I chose for my Toulmin Analysis was on how each candidate plans to deal with helping Maryland’s economic growth. Ehrlich claims that the problem with the state economy is that there are too many strict government regulations and taxes. In his opinion, this prevents private sector companies and small businesses from coming to Maryland and providing jobs. O’Malley’s claim is that the states economy is already on the rise, with a growing number of jobs in the science and biotech industry.

Ehrlich supports his claim with three main points in the debate on the economy. The first was that he stated when he was previously governor of Maryland the unemployment rate was only at four percent, which is supposed to suggest that he was responsible for this. Ehrlich’s second piece of evidence was that the states environmental agencies regulations have recently forced some companies leave the state, taking away valuable jobs with them. His third point was that despite the growth in the public sector, unemployment has doubled during the current governor’s term.

O’Malley also provided support for his claim in three main points. His first point was that he has received support for his campaign from over two hundred leaders in the life science and biotechnology industries in the state of Maryland. O’Malley then pointed out a fact from the Bureau of labor statistics that the state has created around thirty-three thousand net new jobs. Finally he pointed out that the U.S. chamber of commerce and singled out the state of Maryland as being one of the best in the country when it comes to innovation and entrepreneurship.

Ehrlich warrant for his argument focuses on private sector being a key factor to helping the economy. He also states that small business is the backbone of America’s economy, which helps to explain why he sees’s deregulation as a way to help the economy. In Ehrlich’s point of view, the state must be willing to accommodate private sector companies to bring them into the state. O’Malley’s warrants on for his argument is that right now all jobs are important, public sector jobs being just as good as private sector. His claim is based on the idea that the state shouldn’t lower there environmental standards, or give tax cuts it can not afford to big businesses who come to the state.

3rd Blog Album review

23 09 2010

Stew says “Black Men Ski” response

9 09 2010

My first reaction after watching the clip was that it was an interesting satire on racial stereotypes. The stereotype about black man being involved in any winter sports is fairly common and easy for most people to understand. I think the argument that Stew was trying express concerned black stereotypes as well as a few others. The song started expressing the treatment of black men when they are isolated in a mainly white environment like aspen. As the song progresses you get the understanding that he is trying to express is that your race does not dictate your interests and/or actions.

While the issues Stew was addressing are usually fairly serious, the fact that it was a performance made them easier to digest. While I was reading the comments left for the video, I found that I agreed with Nathan Bedrick’s comments (6th from the top). The audience seemed at times afraid to laugh at some points and when they did, there was a nervous edge to it. If I were to comment on the video, I would have to applaud Stew for addressing these issues, as a black man my self I have had to deal with the assumptions people have made about what my interest were. In the time we live in now, no idea or interest really belongs to any group anymore, information is constantly being exchanged. People no longer live in isolated communities so anyone can take up the interests that they prefer.

Hello world!

31 08 2010

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